Dr. Hui Li (李辉)




National Young Talent

School of Computer Science and Technology
Xidian University

HUASHAN Scholar of Xidian University

His research interests include
data mining
data privacy and security

Dr. Li obtained my B.Eng from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2005, and Ph.D from Nanyang Technological University in 2012. Under the supervision of Associate Prof. Sourav S. Bhowmick, Dr Li used to be a member of Centre of Advanced Information Systems (renamed as DISCO now) during 2007 to 2011. He is currently affiliated with School of Computer Science and Technology, Xidian University, and is the director of The Key Laboratory of Advanced Database Technology of Xi'an. His research interests includes social computing, knowledge discovery, graph mining and data privacy in big data. Many of his papers appear in major international conferences including VLDB, SIGMOD, KDD, ICDE, and journals like TKDE, VLDB J, TKDD, TIST, TDSC and etc.

He have been nominated as the Best Paper Award in ACM SIGMOD 2015!

The right cloud consists of the frequent keywords appeared in the title of my papers during 2015-2021.

My DBLP entry can be found at DBLP

  • Dec 2022: One of our colloborated work on privacy preserving distributed cardinality estimation is accepted by SIGMOD 2023!

  • Oct-Nov 2022: Our one-stop DB learning platform, namely , has been updated, a pair of new systems, MOCHA and ARENA, are online!!

  • Oct 2022: Our vision paper on Technology-Enabled Learning of Relational Query Processing, has been published in IEEE Data Eng. Bull.! (Check for more information)

  • Sep 2022: Our new work on privacy-preserving CNN training is accepted by ISC 2022!

  • Aug 2022: We have two full papers (respectively working on privacy-preserving query processing and CNN inferencing) and one demo (a subsystem of ) accepted by CIKM 2022!

  • Jul 2022: Our one-stop DB learning platform, namely , has been updated, a series of new RDBMSs are now supported!!

  • Apr 2022: Our new work on learning-bases influence maximization over social network (a work of project PAELLA) has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems!

  • Mar 2022: Our new work on fuzzy differential privacy theory has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems!

  • Feb 2022: Our work on database education system, namely "LANTERN: Boredom-conscious Natural Language Description Generation of Query Execution Plans for Database Education", is accepted by SIGMOD 2022, try our system via .

  • Nov 2021: Our new work on influence maximization over social network has been accepted by WSDM 2022!

  • Aug 2021: Our new work on Movement-aware Location Selection (MALOS), the first approximate solution towards k facility relocation problem, has been accepted by CIKM 2021!

  • Aug 2021: Our SaDes system, a semantic-free sensitivity quantification and adaptive desensitization system, has been accepted by CIKM 2021!

  • Feb 2021: Our work on community hiding in social network, namely "Community Hiding by Link Perturbation in Social Networks", is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems!

  • Jan 2021: Our work on query execution plan interpretation, namely "Towards Enhancing Database Education: Natural Language Generation Meets Query Execution Plans", is accepted by SIGMOD 2021!

  • Dec 2020: Our work on query expansion, namely "SQE-GAN: a Supervised Query Expansion Scheme via GAN", is accepted by ECIR 2021!

  • Dec 2020: Our work on dimensionality reduction, namely "3E-LDA: Three Enhancements to Linear Discriminant Analysis", is accepted by ACM TKDD!

  • Aug-Sep 2020: A pair of our papers on Movement-aware Location Selection (MALOS), have been accepted by NDBC 2020 and DAPD!

  • May 2020: A pair of our papers on privacy-aware data management, have been accepted by APWeb-WAIM 2020!

  • Apr 2020: Our work on stream data clustering, namely "ESA-Stream: Efficient Self-Adaptive Online Data Stream Clustering", is accepted by IEEE TKDE!

  • Mar 2020: Our work on conformity-aware information diffusion, namely "CHASSIS: Conformity Meets Online Information Diffusion", is accepted by SIGMOD 2020!

  • Feb 2020: Our work on verifiable database query, namely "Publicly Verifiable Databases with All Efficient Updating Operations", is accepted by IEEE TKDE!

  • Feb 2020: Our work on privacy-preserving skyline query, namely "SCALE: An Efficient Framework for Secure Dynamic Skyline Query Processing in the Cloud", is accepted by DASFAA 2020!

  • Feb 2020: Our work on forward-secure range query, namely "LS-RQ: A lightweight and forward-secure range query on geographically encrypted data", is accepted by IEEE TDSC!

  • Feb 2020: Our work on privacy-preserving publication of social networks, namely "Target Privacy Preserving for Social Networks", is accepted by ICDE 2020!

  • Jan 2020: Our work on information diffusion in social networks, namely "BRUNCH: Branching Structure Inference of Hybrid Multivariate Hawkes Processes with Application to Social Media", is accepted by PAKDD 2020!

  • Dec 2019: Our demo on Movement-aware Location Selection (MALOS), namely "MALOS: A Movement-Aware Location Selection System", is accepted by EDBT 2020! The demo will be sooner availible in MALOS homepage.

  • Jul-Nov 2019: Our work on serial episode frequency evaluation, namely ONCE and ONCESpark, have been accepted by Information Sciences and Future Generation Computer Systems, respectively. The code and dataset are availible at ONCE and ONCESpark, respectively.

  • Sep 2019: Our another work on Movement-aware Location Selection (MALOS), namely "FROST: Movement History-conscious Facility Relocation", has been accepted by ACM TIST.

  • Jun 2019: Our another work on Movement-aware Location Selection (MALOS), namely "k-Collective Influential Facility Placement over Moving Object", is awarded the Best Paper Award Runner-Up in IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management, MDM 2019! The code and dataset are availible at kCollectiveFP.

  • Feb 2019: We've got the First Prize Award for Excellent Achievements in Scientific Research in Institutions of Higher Education, Shaanxi Province!

  • Nov-Dec 2018: We have three papers (working on Dimensionality Reduction, Differential Privacy and Influence Maximization) sequentially accepted by Multimedia Tools and Applications, Distributed and Parallel Databases and Complexity, respectively.

  • Oct 2018: One of our work on LSH has been awarded Best Student Paper Award and Best Paper Nomination Award in NDBC 2018!

  • Jul 2018: Dr. Hui Li is exceptionally (unique within the University during 2018) promoted to full Professor!

  • Jun 2018: Our another work on Movement-aware Location Selection (MALOS), namely "Place Your Next Branch with MILE-RUN: Min-dist Location Selection over User Movement", has been accepted by Information Sciences!

  • Oct 2017: Our work on "Community Identification in LBSN via Mobility Pattern" has been accepted by Information Sciences!

  • August 2017: Our work on "Secure High-dimensional kNN Query" has been accepted by IEEE Trans. on Big Data!

  • July 2017: Dr. Li have been promoted to PhD supervisor!

  • March 2017: QinCloudDB ver. 1.0a/1.0b are released! Ready for trial!

Research Grants:
  • Oct 2020 - Dec 2022
    Inspur-DB: Query understanding and optimization over ZNBase.
  • Jan 2019 - Dec 2019
    HIRPO: Secure Training over Encrypted Image Data.
  • Jul 2018 - Jun 2020
    NEL-Dir. Fundation: Social Security Driven Desensitazation Standard and Sharing System.
  • Oct 2017 - Sep 2018
    CCF-Venustech: Secure Query Processing over Non-Relational Data.
  • Jan 2017 - Dec 2017
    HIRPO: Frequent Serial Episode Mining in Telecommunication Alarm Stream Using StreamDM.
  • Jan 2017 - Dec 2020
    NSFC: Competition-aware influence maximization problem in dynamic networks.
  • Jan 2013 - Dec 2015
    NSFC: Evolution-driven analysis of the correlation between multiple behavioral agents within online social networks.
  • Jan 2014 - Dec 2015
    SRF for ROC: Multi-level study over the evelutionary correlation in large online social networks.
  • May 2014 - Apr 2015
    HIRPO: User preference mining over heterogeneous mobile big data.

Projects and Codes:
Postgraduate Students:

Current Students:

ALL Graduated Students:

Name Degree Year of Graduate First Employment Publication (as a student) Notes
Yingfan Liu Master 2014 Ph.D in CUHK VLDB'14 Co-supervised with Prof. Cui
Miaomiao Cui Master 2015 Alibaba Neurocomp. 16 Co-supervised with Prof. Cui
Xiaobin Lin Master 2016 Meituan Group BigData'16 Co-supervised with Prof. Cui
Yanguo Peng Doctor 2016 Xidian University Inf. Sci. 17, Sci. China Info. Sci. 17 Co-supervised with Prof. Cui
Jingjing Li Bachelor 2017 Ph.D in CUHK Inf. Sci. 19
Wenzhuo Xue Master 2018 Huawei IEEE Tran. BigData 18 Co-supervised with Prof. Cui
Meng Wang Doctor 2018 Xi'an Polytechnic University TKDE 16, ICDE'17, Inf. Sci. 18, TIST 20 Co-supervised with Prof. Cui
Sizhe Peng Master 2019 Hikvision Inf. Sci. 19
Xue Meng Master 2019 Transwrap DAPD 19, APWEB'20
Chia Emmanuel Tungom Master 2019 Ph.D in SZU FGCS 19
Changsheng Sun Bachelor 2019 Ph.D in NUS IEEE Trans. CSS 22
Weiguo Wang Master 2020 Alibaba 密码学报 19, DASFAA'20, SIGMOD'21 Outstanding thesis (Univ.)
Susu Yang Master 2020 Huawei Complexity 18
Dan Li Master 2020 Bank of China MDM'19 Best Paper Runner-up Award in MDM'19
Li Wang Master 2020 Huawei 4 patents!
Di Yang Master 2020 Huawei EDBT'20
Shiwen Yu Master 2021 Meituan Group 密码学报 20
Tianle Fu Master 2021 Taikang Group ECIR'21
Zheng Gong Master 2021 Ph.D in PolyU HK WAIM'20, CIKM'21
Mengting Xu Master 2021 Agr. Bank of China IEEE Trans. CSS 22 Outstanding thesis (Univ.)
Kechun Zhao Master 2021 Baidu WAIM'20, CIKM'21
Zhe Li Master 2021 Hikvision FGCS 20
Yiming Si Master 2022 Ant Group 2 patents
Zheng Li Master 2022 Baidu 2 patents and 1 paper (submitted)
Peng Chen Master 2022 Huawei SIGMOD'21、'22, DASFAA'20 Outstanding thesis (Univ.)
Qi Tian Master 2022 State Grid, Jibei ECIR'21
Ying Zhou Master 2022 Hikvision DAPD 21
Qiting Yang Master 2022 Agr. Bank of China WSDM'22
Hu Wang Master 2023 China CITIC Bank CIKM'22, TIST 23, SIGMOD'23 Outstanding thesis (Univ.)
Yan Fu Master 2023 Bank of Communications 3 patents and 1 paper (submitted)
Jinxin Yang Master 2023 CSC 2 patents and 2 papers (submitted)
Yiqi Song Master 2023 PetroChina 1 patent and 1 paper (submitted)
Chang Liu Master 2023 Agr. Bank of China 2 patents
Ying Rong Master 2023 Huawei CIKM'22
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